Create a Wallpaper Pattern With Your Own Artwork

May 08, 2018

Let's get creative – Rebel Walls can help you design your own unique wall mural

With digitally printed wallpaper, the possibilities are incredible – if not to say, endless. Maybe you’ve already heard you can have your own photo printed as a wall mural on our website. But did you also know that you can even use your own drawings to create a real wallpaper pattern with the help of Rebel Walls? Julia from the Rebel Team did so and made good use of this great possibility.

“I wanted to challenge my inner artist and try something that I have never done before – to design a patterned wallpaper with my own drawings and photos. Now I have something to dress my walls that no one else has, it really is unique!" – Julia.

A lush, yet calming botanical pattern with lots of greenery

Julia: "For my own wallpaper design, I wanted to have something lush with plenty of greenery and flowers in a hand-drawn style, so I sat down and started sketching: tulips, ginkgo biloba, honeysuckle and many other beautiful flowers and foliage. Also, even though I really like everything hand-drawn, I think it’s quite fun to combine the analog and the digital. That’s why I even photographed some of the plants: wild strawberries and ferns, which I love so much. A lovely mix of illustrations and photographs, but still quite harmonic."

blog_julia6 Drawings and photographs of different plants were used for this wallpaper pattern.

Julia: "To combine everything into a wallpaper pattern, I scanned all the drawings I made and “cut out” every plant digitally with Photoshop. After that, I arranged all the different plants nicely so that a pattern started to form, this was certainly a fiddly part to the job, but also so much fun! If you aren’t familiar with working in the design software Photoshop or other image editing programs, then this is something that our design team can help you with – send them your artwork, and they will turn it into a wallpaper design for you. Quite cool, isn’t it?"

"As for color scheme, I imagined something calming and not too overwhelming, with a light gray-green background – perfect for relaxing in our living room. This is what came out in the end, and it felt quite fascinating to see the results up on our walls, knowing it was produced by my own conception", Julia says.

blogg-juliasNow it's your turn

If you also want to have your own artwork printed as a wallpaper, you can simply upload it here. Or why not make a wall mural of your children's drawings, wouldn't that be wonderful? If you have an idea for your own wall mural design, but need help with the layout, contact our design team – let's create something fun together!

R14551_Rebel-Walls-8-image-1Do you enjoy Julia's artwork as much as we do? Then take a look at our wall mural The Rabbit's Playground, which was also designed by Julia – you can get yours here.


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