Create the perfect design tool

February 17, 2015
- using a scissor. Or Pinterest! Or both. Its not rocket science but a mood board truly is the perfect creative tool in two senses; to help you get you started, and to help you stay on track. An inspiring mood board will help you get through the whole project with minimum despair. Think freely when gathering the material for your mood board. Look beyond the obvious places for inspiration, if you are redecorating your home you might turn to glossy interior design magazines at first and thats all good but try to look elsewhere to - there is original and personal ideas to be found everywhere.

Once you have enough, or more likely, too much material it´s time to narrow it down. Hard work and you have to "kill some darlings" on the way but its worth it - stop at the point when you can see the goal of your project clearly in the mood board. And not only the goal - the way to get there!

We are now releasing the crazy and colorful mood board for Spectrum, our latest wallpaper collection, on Pinterest. This is the funny, fully loaded and uncut version... Enjoy!