How to Decorate Your Home for Winter

November 25, 2015

Create a Winter Moodboard on your wall.

Winter is just around the corner and we feel the need to prepare our home for that lovely time of year.
So we created a styleguide for you for exact that purpose. Like many creative projects it starts with a moodboard – enjoy and have fun getting creative!


To get that winter mood started, use lovely photos, postcards, twigs, pine cones or even a funny notice, that reminds you of winter and stick them onto the wall. Simply use some washi tape to put it all up there together.

You don’t know where to start? No problem, this is your moodboard checklist:

1. Photos
2. Drawings / Illustrations
3. Objects you find outside in nature
4. Washi tape - find it here


Hang wallpaper as an element in your moodboard


Why not embrace a nice wallpaper as an own element into your moodboard?
You don’t even need to wallpaper it – just use some clips and hang one or two lengths on the wall. Not only flexible but also really stylish!

For our photo we used wallpaper “Battered Wall”. Here are some more unique wallpapers for you:


1.) Battered Wall
2.) Bellewood, grey toile
3.) Crumbling Bricks

Now you know how to start decorating your home for winter. For all ideas to style and decorate your home for winter, download our free and complete Do It Yourself Winter Styleguide.