Get a Rustic Feeling in Your Dining Room With Wallpaper

December 06, 2016

Bleached Oddities – A conversation starter

Family dinner, take-out or a proper Sunday meal? Whatever the occasion – let your walls be the subject of your dinner party! So what happens when we dare to think outside the box? What can be used to decorate our walls – are there any limits for a rebel? At first glance, our wall mural Bleached Oddities appears discreetly elegant, but a closer look reveals a fantastic collection of peculiar white objects.

rusticdining3As an homage to the aesthetics of white objects on white background, we started to create our wall mural Bleached Oddities. Our designers found, for example, inspiration in the sophisticated Hueso Restaurant in Mexico, as well as the art installation "Ghost" by Michael Johansson. Everyone in the Rebel Team was asked to contribute something of their own to get the creation process for this special kind of wallpaper started. Amongst the objects that ended up in the wallpaper pattern were cutlery, bottles, branches, bones, and even insoles.

bleached_behind_scenes-2 Our designers painting all the odd items with a white coat.

Everything got a good stroke with white paint, and the result became a variety of whimsical items and strange things in a softly whitewashed color scheme that will adorn walls in any room with its sophistication. Here's the magical result:

tapetbleached Take a closer look and explore all the curiosities (click on the image)

Rustic dining with a Scandinavian twist

Bleached Oddities is a wall mural that works particularly well to create a peaceful, yet warm atmosphere. For our rustic dinner setting we've combined the mural with the following:

rus-howtoTo decorate with this wall mural you can add things you find in nature, such as branches and beautiful stones; put some candles in a large glass jar to create additional coziness and connect the details in the wall mural with the decor. Natural fabrics with a lot of texture, like sheepskin and linen, will provide additional structure to the interior. This wallpaper is a great fit if you have a graphic or industrial interior style as the base in your home and want to give the room some extra warmth.

Do you have your own idea for a wall mural or want to add something more to the collection of white objects in this wallpaper? Contact our design service and they will gladly help you out.


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