Homes that Inspire

February 18, 2015

Seen through the eyes of this man

To create a home that supports you and reflects you, a home that inspires you and awakens your creativity, a home that is truly you... Who would not want that?

A man that has managed to make art out of using the private space, the personal home, as an important component when putting together a true and rich portrait of a person is this man;


In 2008 the multitalented photographer/illustrator/writer Todd Selby started to take portraits of his friends in their homes, he posted the pictures on the blog The Selby.


Creative friends, with creative jobs in spectacular homes, we might add. Their flats and houses often serves as part time, or full time, ateliers and studios...


Many of the homes has a reliving and spontaneous sense to them. Todd´s way of photographing feels less censored and more authentic than the photos you find in most interior design magazines. Everything is not as neat and perfect as it often come across in the papers.


Which makes it even more forgiving and inspiring.


The concept is simple but mesmerizing and soon people outside of Todd´s circle of friends started to contact him and wanted to get their homes documented and published on the blog. Companies wanted to collaborate with Todd and it didn't take long before the blog became a book. The Selbys In Your Place came out in 2010 and shows the homes of actors, musicians and other creative persons.


In 2012 a book on a similar theme came out, Edible Selby showcases people and homes from the culinary world; kitchens and restaurants. Todd´s latest book, Fashionable Selby introduces us to the homes of various characters from the fashion industry. Stylists, models, designers, jewelers...


Personal portraits that both fascinate and inspire. Bold interior design solutions, a lot of colour, textile used new and exiting ways and so on.


Who would not want to sit down in this blue velvet sofa, for example, and think about the big questions in life?

All of the photos above can be found in Todd´s world and we are eager to follow his work as he visit and interprets various creative personalities in their homes.