New Collection – In Collaboration With Raimat Winery

March 01, 2017

The Senses of Raimat Vineyard

For the exclusive collection The Senses of Raimat Vineyard – a collaboration with the Spanish vineyard Raimat – we have produced six wallpaper murals. They are inspired by Raimat Castle, situated in the heart of Catalonia, and a visual interpretation of the vineyard's pride – the red wine Anima de Raimat as it can be experienced through our senses.

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raimat-k2Raimat Tiles | R15081

The soul of Raimat

The grand hall at Raimat Castle is adorned with a beautiful handpainted tile. The white and blue pattern can also be found on the label of Anima de Raimat – the vineyard's red signature wine, that with its complex aroma and rich flavor embodies the generosity of Catalonia.

bistro3Bistro Tiles, Royal Blue | R14864

The sight of blue

When you lie on your back on a sunny day and look up into the sky long enough, all else disappears into the blue depth. Abundant, peaceful and noble – this wallpaper mural is our version of the sight of pure blue. The blue faceted tiles are a perfect match for the traditional handpainted pattern in Raimat Tiles, but works perfectly on its own for those who want a modern touch.

coffee3Coffee Wood | R14731

The scent of fresh coffee

The aroma of freshly ground coffee is one of the components in the wine Anima de Raimat's bouquet, balanced with the scents of blackberries and cocoa. The dark wood in this mural represents the depth and fullness we associate with a cup of newly brewed coffee.

marble3Noble Marble | R14682

The sound of good company

Embraced by the cheers of togetherness – that is the warm sounds of good company! The wall mural Noble Marble has a naturalistic marble pattern associated with the traditional European cuisine that evokes the joy of sharing a good meal.

cacao2Noble Marble | Cacao R14683

The taste of dark chocolate

To actually describe the flavor of dark chocolate might be an impossible task, even though it's such a distinctive one. This wallpaper mural represents the complex flavor palette of the wine Anima de Raimat, the soulful signature wine of Raimat Vineyard, where cocoa is one of the components.

scandi3Scandinavian Light | R12971

The touch of the wind

Feeling Catalonia is feeling the gentle touch of the wind at dusk as it plays among the vines and makes the surrounding fields undulate – and that is the feeling that we have tried to capture with this peaceful wall mural.


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