New Collection – Passion

February 04, 2016

Our new collection Passion inspires you to claim a space for your interests

Everybody needs a place to claim as their own. A quiet hideaway where you set the rules and follow your own interests. These places go under many names: hobby room, library, garage, walk-in closet...but no matter what you call them – claim them.

Our new collection is inspired by this universal need. It's a bold and cheerful collection with patterns that demand space and encourage you to claim yours. Ten enthusiasts, all with a hobby room of their own, are showing off their desks and patterns they've claimed. Who of them are you? Maybe The Tailor, The Writer or maybe The Musician? Let's find out now!

Meet five of the enthusiasts who've claimed their space!


Wall mural: Note Sheets, Denim

You have a never-ending, ever-changing soundtrack of your life. Old music, new music, your own music – you got it! Fill your music room with tunes that inspire you the most – you’ve got your own rhythm.


Wall mural: Birch Bark Braids, White

Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch – those are the five senses and you are a tactile person who masters them all to perfection. Nothing goes by without you paying attention. Everything seems to interest and inspire you. Somehow. This is your place to sort out all the impressions and just breathe.


Wall mural: Leaf Love

You know how to best make something grow – from the smallest seed to the biggest tree, you know how often it should be watered, what extra nutrition it might need and if it´s a fan of the sun, penumbra or shadow. A room for you and your green thumb, voilà!


Wall mural: Perfect Fit, Powder Pink

You are patient and excited alternately. This is the best and an only mixture of moods when great ideas are to marry the actual fabric. Your combined design and sewing studio has its own specific order; others might not get it, but you know exactly where the right needles, threads, buttons and patterns are.


Wall mural: Typomania 

You have a way with words. A love for typography, paper structures and books comes alongside the first love of words. This is your place to read other authors and give them a chance to “read” you in black ink. Start writing now!

Why not write something special within the design of our wall mural Typomania? Use our design services to add words, names or a whole sentence!

You didn't find yourself in-between our five enthusiasts? Take a look at the full collection – maybe you're rather The Adventurer, The Philosopher, The Creator, The Photographer or even The Kid! Whoever you and your interests may be, claim your (rightful) space. Our wall murals will happily serve as cheerful backdrops to whatever you want your space to reflect!