Rebel Case: Mind-blowing Interiors With 3D Wall Murals

April 25, 2018

Interior cases where confident murals made magic

Wall murals will give interesting effects to any room, regardless of the design. Below we're presenting some selected cases with designs that go beyond eye-catching to extraordinary, enchanting and even electrifying. Keep on reading to explore some 3D wallpaper from our extensive collection.

The feature image above from one of our favorite interior design stores in Stockholm, Welcome Home, has definitely captured the magic that is 3D wallpaper. We are stunned by how the window in Perspective Manoir brings light behind the counter, which is covered in wall mural Archive and appears to have actual drawers. Wall mural Patina on the wall to the left is a perfect match. Very inspiring!

Grand waiting area

portals-bThe wall mural Portals from our latest collection Second Moment really brings depth and drama to this office entrance. Who wouldn't want to greet their clients in these magnificent halls? In the new collection, our Creative Studio has also suggested matching surface murals for the 3D feature walls.

portals-moodboardThis mood board is an example of the work of the Creative Studio to show how to match the feature wall with a surface mural for the remaining walls in the room. Newport is the ideal choice if you want to build your brick wall environment. The burnt brown earth tones and meticulously stacked bricks have the same character as the ones in Portals.

Hair salon FaZli with a steampunk theme

fazliPhoto: Jag & En Fotograf

These customized walls could almost radiate heat – but the steam is just an illusion. Pipes that appear to stand out from the wall give an interesting backdrop to the hair washing station.

fazli3Photo: Jag & En Fotograf

The hair salon is also housing a barbershop. Wallpaper Punch Cards and customized designs of cogwheels and even more pipes wrap the interior concept together. Notice the ceiling – is the salon managed by people or is it rather a piece of machinery? One could almost hear the metallic sound of clockwork.

fazli1Photo: Jag & En Fotograf

To complete this interior, the decorators at Hjärterum added details in the same style for an authentic feel.

 Illusion murals in fashion store JoelJolina

joeljolThe shop interior of this stylish fashion store matches a marble wallpaper with a unique trompe l'œil mural. The eye-catching mural, consisting of an elegant armchair, golden mirror and old-fashioned flooring, brings depth to the innermost of the store. The stunning floral wall design is the cherry on the cake!

Nightclub X&Y plays mind tricks

xoy_nightclub-1Visitors at the nightclub are being greeted by a majestic staircase. What is real and what is just an illusion? Even the ceiling has got a transformation by a mind-blowing design – all in the name of 3D wallpaper and trompe l'œil.

xoy_nightclub-7The bar is the centerpiece, and the Parisian facade in the wall mural Perspective La Rue frames the bartenders' place in the spotlight. Lamps in the style of Fin de Siecle gaslights complete the illusion.