Rebel Case: The Makeover of a Nightclub

December 15, 2016

X&Y – A flamboyant nightclub in Borås

When Klas Tryborn and his business partner Carl Johan Gerlam decided to renovate their nightclub in Borås they knew they wanted something extraordinary, something that combined the relaxed elegance of the bistros of Paris’ sidewalks and the rough but warm charm of New York’s Meatpacking District.

xoy_nightclub-1 A custom-made wall mural of a staircase in an old abandoned building creates a bold welcome for the guests.

Radical choices

“We wanted a generous atmosphere that inspires conversation”, Klas Tryborn tells us as we step into the grand entrance of the nightclub X&Y in Borås, Sweden. From the owners' original vision to the final result the project of giving the nightclub a total makeover grew as a co-creation between Klas himself, the interior decorator Ann-Louise Håkansson, and Rebel Walls designer Linda Pålemo. “We knew early on that we had to make some radical choices. The building in itself is spectacular, dating back to at least 1930 – so we felt the pressure as we were starting out”, Klas smiles.

xoy_collage A great mix of real and fake – the trompe l'œil wall mural completes the interior in the coffee/akvavit bar.

Flexibility and grandeur

Klas and Carl Johan own a couple of other establishments, and they’ve gone through the process of redecoration and renovation many times previous to this makeover. “When we started out we were well acquainted with the flexibility that digitally printed wallpaper brings to a project. You can achieve astonishing things on a rather small budget. With wall murals, you seem to have an endless set of possibilities.”

xoy_nightclub-6 The backdrop for this square shaped bar is a worn and romantic Parisian facade, called "Perspective la Rue"

xoy_nightclub-7 Lamps in the style of Fin de Siecle gaslights completes the illusion.

Illusion or reality?

With some areas of the nightclub wall murals influenced the interior, in other cases they just added the final touch. “We needed a good mix of wallpaper textures and real surfaces, between illusion and reality. It’s a delicate balance, but I feel we’ve managed to get it just right”, Klas says. “In this regard our design contact at Rebel Walls – Linda – was a real gem. She understood us perfectly and didn’t rest until she’d found a solution that was spot on.”

xoy_nightclub-10 It's only wallpaper - a wall mural in the ceiling makes an astonishing impression. View similar designs from our wallpaper collection Curious.

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Text: Emma Rudmark & Photo: Maria Sjöstrand