Shore & Lines - A Collection With Timeless Stripes and Seaside Motifs

June 01, 2017

A place to long for

Take a deep breath, inhale the salty scents and perceive the feeling of sand between your toes. Sea and water bring the desired feeling of freedom and serenity. This marine collection invites you to do as you please and, just like the sea, one day can be stormy and the next peaceful and calm. The inspiration for the collection Shore & Lines is brought from the natural, seaside way of living and fits both your summer house as well as in a hotel.

shore-lines_coast_life Put sea treasures and summery details in a row to create a relaxed vacation feeling, here with the wallpaper Tidemark, Blue.

With patterns from the collection Shore & Lines, a relaxed atmosphere is created with an interior of timeless stripes and seaside motifs. Are you decorating a hotel by the sea or a restaurant with a coastal feel? Or do you want to create a calm marine interior, a place to long for where stress is nowhere to be found? These 10 patterns have a modern and relaxed take on the marine interior style and fit the trend perfectly.

shore-lines-1 Reed bends in the summer breeze in the wall mural Swaying Reed and creates a harmonic impression to any room.

Mix and match

With an endless way of mix and match, and even the possibility to change color and direction of the lines, these wall murals fit every space. Not only as a statement wall but throughout the whole room to enhance the impression and theme that you want to present.

seaport-picnic Bring the simple and stressless life into your interior with calm colors and natural materials. The wall murals Boathouse Blues and Seaport create a delectable backdrop for this setting.

westcoast-ny The classic herringbone pattern presented in a modern way with weathered boards in the wall mural West Coast.

Do you need help in an interior project where wallpaper needs to be customized? Maybe a color has to be adjusted to fit the interior or perhaps the boards work better horizontal instead of vertical. Just contact our design studio with your request, and we will help you get it just the way you want it.

Wall murals in public spaces

Are you about to decorate an office, lobby or a waiting room? A space that easily can appear bare and a bit dull. Think of what wall murals can do for an interior to give the visitor a happy welcoming and an inspiring environment.

shore-lines-3 With the wall mural Sailor's Sea, the waiting room becomes a happy, welcoming impression for its visitors.

Images and material

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