Style a Public Space with a Wall Mural

November 04, 2016

Create mystique with the extraordinary Cabinet of Curios

Want to create a public space that sparks curiosity and fuels dialogue? Why not style it with our conversation starter piece – the wall mural Cabinet of Curios!

In this wallpaper mural, the shelves of an old cabinet are stacked with oddities and peculiar objects. If you place it in a lounge, bar, study, library or restroom, it will entice the imagination of its spectators, and set their minds on curious adventures among the dusty secrets on the shelves. This trompe l’oeil mural creates an intriguing illusion. The cabinet shelves seem to be built-in which adds extra depth to a room.

rowofbottles The Cabinets of Curiosities (or Kunstkammers) were originally collections of miscellaneous objects. Ethnographic artifacts, religious relics and strange (and sometimes faked) objects of natural history – brought back by the sixteenth-century explorers – were arranged to be marveled at in so-called wonder-rooms. Later on the term, Cabinet of Curiosities came to refer to the piece of furniture where these collections where kept and the strange items that they displayed.

Keep the styling simple

With a minimalistic styling the wall mural will get the attention it deserves. If you add a few odd objects, though, they will enhance the mystique further. Try using antique medicine bottles, deer antlers, or some vintage bell jars. With just a couple of black details accompanied with natural materials – leather, bone, and wood – the room will appear cozy and warm. For our styling we’ve chosen a classic bentwood chair and an industrial cart tray table. To soften the general impression, you can complete the look with some large green plants. Or a single delicate green twig in a vase.

styling_cabinet_portrait-edit The cabinet maker Michael Thonet invented bentwood furniture in the early nineteenth century. But it wasn’t until in the World Exhibition in London 1850 that his technique was publicly recognized and awarded. By the end of the century, his chairs had become very popular. With the graphical expression of its simple but gracious lines, a black chair in the style of Thonet is a perfect representation of the Victorian industrial era. And serves as a reminder of its curious interest for the wonders of this world.


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