Take a Peek into Rebel-style Home Offices Around the Globe

February 10, 2021

How to add flair to your home office

Since many of us are working from home now, we reached out to some rebels who updated their home offices during the pandemic. Get inspiration and find creative ideas to also claim your office space at home. Mix and match furnishings and decorations to find your unique style.

Jungle glam in the UK

Mischievous Monkeys, Lush Mischievous Monkeys, Lush

Sandra Czachur from Conwy updated her home office during the corona pandemic. It’s convenient with an updated office since both Sandra and her husband are working from home. First, they wanted to do a quick makeover but later decided to upgrade the whole room.

What are your top three tips for succeeding with your home office style?
My office had to reflect my passion for nature, be warm and cozy but spacious at the same time, oh and organized. The mural brings joy every time I see it, which is an excellent way to start the workday at my desk, it’s so uplifting. Green is a calm color which lowers my stress level if I have lots to do and not enough time!

Describe your interior style
My style is erring towards dark interiors at the moment. I love old properties and bringing old and new together excites me. I love some old favorites of mine and equally love new additions. I love to browse through Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration, but overall I know what I like when I see it.

Bold and modern home office in Estonia

Industrial Ivory Industrial Ivory

Egle Ehasalu already had a home office when the horrible corona pandemic swooped in over the world. Since the lockdown started in Estonia, she has been working from home in her beautiful office.

What are your top three tips for succeeding with your home office style?
  • Plenty of natural light is essential for comfort and mood - position your desk near a window and keep heavy window treatments to a minimum.
  • Installing wallpaper and add some stylish desk accessories. It will instantly prevent the room from looking too "office-y". Select bold statement pieces in on-trend colors.
  • Add some plants. They bring a sense of tranquillity, reduce noise and filter the air. I also like the daily routine of watering them.

Describe your interior style
I want a home to tell a story. If I had to describe my interior decoration style, it would be a mix of modern purism and Scandinavian classic design. So, even if I love modern design, I always look for history design classics with tradition and materials that provide comfort and warmth. A mix of old and new pieces creates a more profound feeling than a 100% unified, thoroughly coordinated look. These imperfections are what results with tension and excitement in a room. Be bold – nothing’s a must, but everything is possible.

Eclectic and colorful workspace in the Netherlands

Opulence, Pink Marble Opulence, Pink Marble

Lotty works as an interior designer and lives in the Netherlands. She updated her workspace during the pandemic. It's not uncommon for Lotty to update her home since she likes to change her view once in a while. She was also looking for a place to use our beautiful wallpaper!

Tell us more about yourself
I’m an interior designer, so I see a lot of different homes. Whenever I work on an interior project, I love to sit in this inspiring lovely nook. I have three little boys, and they don’t notice me when I’m sitting here (haha).

What are your top tips for succeeding with your home office style?
Your home office needs to be inspiring for YOU, not for anyone else. If it makes you happy and active, go for it. Make sure to pick a comfortable and ergonomic chair. Good lighting is also essential, preferably daylight, since it is the most healthy and natural, otherwise good daylight lamps.

Describe your interior style
My style is very colorful and eclectic and a bit funny-weird. There are so many beautiful objects, furniture, textures, accessories etc. I love to mix and match till I get the fairytale feeling.

Home office murals