Travel Near, Far or Anywhere in Between – Decorate with City Wall Murals

July 07, 2020

Photo wallpapers with our favorite travel destinations

Environment and safety come first, that's unquestionable. But to travel is to live, and one does not always have to go by plane to the other side of the planet to go on an adventure. The world can be explored by foot, bike, boat, train and also, if inevitable, the occasional flight. Should you ever happen to be near any of the below gems, whose beauty we have preserved for the future by placing it on the wall, we share our best tips on what not to miss when visiting the French capital Paris, the Italian city of canals – Venice, or the wonderful Swedish island of Gotland.

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Paris, France

R16111_Rebel-Walls-12-image3Wall mural: La Vie

Experience a dinner out of the ordinary at luxurious Epicure at 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The restaurant has 3 stars in the prestigious Michelin Guide, and your taste buds will thank you for months. To visit the Eiffel Tower, built as the entrance to the 1889 World's Fair, is a must. You haven't been to Paris unless you've seen, or ideally been at the top of, this magnificent tower. Round off your visit to the City of Lights with a glass of champagne, sharing some cheese and bread with a loved one, overlooking the river Seine in the sunset.

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Venice, Italy

R15191_image3Wall mural: Venice

"City of Canals", "City of Bridges" or "The Floating City" – whichever nickname you know the spectacular Italian city by, they all make perfect sense to describe this unique town. Situated on 118 small islands with 400 bridges and canals, filled with equal parts water and gondolas, this place leaves no one unimpressed. Best experienced by water as the main transportation, the Vaporetto, with architecture to keep you busy and amazed for hours. Make stops for gelato, prosecco and, if you're lucky, you'll visit during the two weeks of Carnivale di Venezia, where the well-known Venetian masks are worn.

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Gotland, Sweden

BoathouseBluesWall mural: Boathouse Blues

Start your morning with freshly baked bread in the greenhouse just outside the popular, traditional bakery Rute Stenugnsbageri. Ride your bike to the island's main city Visby, surrounded by its well-preserved, medieval town wall, and enjoy an ice cream whilst observing passersby strolling on the cobblestone streets. Be sure to get your cultural fix by going up north to the island Fårö, where the famous director Ingmar Bergman spent his days, not far from the Helgumannen fishing village, photographed for the wall mural above.

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