Welcome to the House, of Carl Larsson and his Spouse!

April 26, 2019

The artists home hides over 100 years of inspiration

To welcome influences from the big world into the small home. To be inspired by Japanese woodcuts and Italian cooking decades before other Scandinavians realized its potential. To decorate in a light, personal and functional way, in a time when homes were focused on representation, rather than actual living. To let self-composed proverbs and spontaneous portraits of the eight children adorn cabinets, doors, and walls. To live fully and leave traces in their home – as if no one else would live there after them. The Swedish artist couple Karin and Carl Larsson, both born in the 1850s, truly lived as they learned.


A home for yesterday, today and tomorrow

Rebel Walls was invited to one of the world’s most unique artist’s homes – Carl Larsson-gården in Dalarna, Sweden. The internationally known painter Carl Larsson and his equally talented, though sometimes overlooked wife, were true pioneers of their time. Their house went from 4 to 14 rooms during the family’s life in Lilla Hyttnäs, and with their unique interior style, they broke norms room by room. Karin designed the fabrics and furniture of the home that Carl later on portrayed. Trend Collection Karin & Carl wishes to honor their guts to create a genuine home, but also to encourage the rebels of our own time. Keep going. Be bold. A genuine, personal home does make lasting impressions.

– It is interesting to compare Carl and Karin Larsson’s doubtless and personal interior style with today’s reserved idea that the home should never be difficult to sell, says Johanna Ek, Design Manager at Rebel Walls.

Carl and Karin's eldest daughter named Suzanne was the only child with a room of her own. The famous painting “Suzanne och en ann” (below) captures her as she paints the walls of her own sacred space. Suzanne MCMI, consists the result of her talents, complete with a green panel and plastered wall.


New dimensions of Carl Larsson's pieces of art

The artist's techniques barely had any boundaries. During his lifetime, Carl Larsson did everything from illustrating books, magazines, and newspapers via oil paintings to monumental frescoes in public buildings. But his aquarelle paintings from the life in the cottage Lilla Hyttnäs in Dalarna are probably the ones that have become the most loved and memorable for the posterity. A handful of these beloved paintings have now been transformed into wallpaper.


The designs Hemma in the passage and Ax in the bedroom. Carl Larsson enthusiasts are likely familiar with this painting from 1894, but isn’t there something or someone missing? You are right. Just until recently the son Pontus, who was six years old at the time, sat on the chair in the motif. We decided to let him out of his “naughty corner”, which actually is the name of the original art piece.


The wall mural Marstrand with Carl Larsson's famous signature. In 1893, the family spent their entire summer on the west coast of Sweden, in the small seaside town called Marstrand. This is also where the family's fifth child, the daughter Brita, was born. Carl found plenty of inspiration in the seaside views. This motif, with its charming composition, is, in fact, an outlook from their garden. No wonder they loved it.


The colorful wall mural Stugan adds life and an air of history to the room. The original title of this painting from 1898 is "Brita, a cat, and a sandwich," but where are the three? We like to imagine that Brita ate her sandwich and, strengthened by her little snack, ran after the cat through the open gate to play. We are left with the soft lift of the afternoon sun and a playful flower bed of sunflowers.

Create a home where you can stay for a long, long time, just like Karin and Carl!

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