Press Release Well-Being – Collection Book #15


The wallpaper collection Well-Being from Rebel Walls reminds us of the importance of making room for mindfulness in our everyday life. Many of us live a stressful life with a hurried and fast-paced lifestyle, where work and personal life often are rushed and mashed together in a blur of activities. The stress may result in shorter attention span, fatigue, and even an inability to relax for many of us. To decrease this health problem, making room for easy access to relaxation in your everyday life is more important than ever.

"Well-Being is the foundation of our lives, and we have designed a collection that is a shout-out to different ways of recharging your batteries. Since we spend more time than ever in our homes, we want to create a place that you can’t wait to get home to. Our collection Well-Being reflects life itself and the things that make us feel good.” – Maria Sjöstrand, Stylist at Rebel Walls.

The positive health effect of being surrounded by things – or animals, people, or perhaps a place that you love, is unbeatable. Through the areas of Nature, Travel, Passion, Recreation, and Family, Rebel Walls provides us with a range of wallpapers and wall murals that features a variety of topics that can help bring mindfulness to your home while making it easy to show off your personality. How about climbing ivy, timber arches, or a graphical backdrop where marble meets gold? Not to mention – an adventurous dinosaur mountain landscape.

“Creating your very own place for recreation doesn’t have to be complicated. The collection makes it easy for anyone to set up a great foundation for a personal home, and it speaks to both adults and children. My favorite wallpaper is Opulence, Marble since it's easy to match with other patterns, especially with Raku Crackle, Cream", says Linda Pålemo, Designer at Rebel Walls.

The wallpaper collection Well-Being is available from August 27, 2020.

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