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One of A Kind

You gotta love the One of A Kind trend, championing individuality and authenticity and making your style more right than ever! This is the time to deep dive into your preferences and decor dreams and create a space that reflects your history and personality.

Claim Your Space with all things beautifully you. This style is about decorating with handpicked and handmade details to create an authentic and bespoke feel. To tell your story. You really can't go wrong! Embrace your inner artisan and celebrate the handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces that make your space unique, reflecting your personality. Wallpaper is an easy and expressive way to start, and our assortment is full of extraordinary designs, printed on demand in the most amazing colorways.

"Create the perfect backdrop for your space with a handpicked wallpaper. Or why not create your own?"

One of A Kind wallpapers

Accessorize and use those walls to express yourself! Choose from our wide array of designs or even create your own. Your imagination sets the limits! Why not commemorate life's most memorable moments or bring your favorite view into your space. 

Graphic art is a great way to artistically Claim Your Space. Make it big and dress the entire walls with one-of-a-kind wallpapers.

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"All things handmade and handpicked are in. Put your favorite art, crafts, and antiques on the front row."

One of A Kind

Style Secrets:

  1. Tell your story: Incorporate pieces that hold personal significance, such as inherited pieces or souvenirs from travels, to add layers of meaning and create a sense of place.

  2. Go for crafts: Elevate your décor with handmade pieces. Create your own wallpaper or do your own crafts. These unique creations add authenticity and provenance to your home.

  3. Dare to go all in! Create your own Eclectic Mix. Embrace different styles, eras, and textures to create a space that reflects your personality. Claim Your Space with wallpaper.

Speak your heart and Claim Your Space with wallpaper.

Start telling your story today by exploring our extraordinary wallpapers:

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