Ceiling Wallpaper – An Interior Design Trend That is Here to Stay

March 12, 2019

Rebel Walls introduces "the fifth wall"

Ever since our wallpaper printer started rolling almost six years ago, we have, besides wallpaper for walls, also delivered wallpaper for ceilings. Our design services, where you can hire our designers for personal and unique wall murals, have since the beginning attracted plenty of exciting projects and lots of ceiling murals, in fact. To experiment with color and patterns in the ceiling is a trend that starts to reach the masses so here we show several examples of how wallpaper on the ceiling can incredibly enhance a space.

R14881No ideas are too crazy for a rebel

It might be something in our company name that liberates, opens up and invites. At Rebel Walls, we love when you think outside the box and love to be able to realize the different and innovative design solutions requested. Some cases from customers where ceiling murals were asked for have become so interesting and inspiring that they later became part of our wallpaper collections.

bloggfeatA Priori – a heavenly favorite

The wall mural A Priori has since its launch dressed ceilings around the world. Jimmy Schönning, interior designer and founder of lifestyle brand JIMSCH, updated his combined home and showroom with the motif in his ceiling.

jimmysho1– The wallpaper I've installed on the ceiling is definitely what everyone talks about when they visit my studio. I love that the enormous transformation it brings to the room still is quite hidden, no one expects a wall painting in a place where there hasn't previously been any.  When we sit down around the table just under the artwork I get so happy each time a guest notice the ceiling for the first time, points and says "What an incredible painting! Has it always been here?". To have a ceiling mural made by wallpaper feels new and trendy but at the same time incredibly historically traditional, says Jimmy Schönning.

DSC_2067 Photo: Hannah Karlberg

Above, a couple of angles from Jimmy's amazing showroom, and below an interior from our collection.

R15501_image1Inspiration from those who have dared to look up

Now ceiling wallpaper has its own category at rebelwalls.com to make it easier to find the design to enhance any of the ceilings at home or in other spaces. Find inspiration in photos of those who already discovered the possibilities and beauty by wallpapering the ceiling. 

41591074_2190332254623298_2891676688471388496_nAndy and Candis Meredith run the tv-show Old Home Love on HGTV. This wonderful kid's room was featured in one of the episodes and was styled by Meta Coleman. Wallpaper: Atlas of Astronomy

bild.nr 14.pernillas.hus.mellbystrandPernilla Brandt Englund running the company Inredningslust combined Jungle Land on the wall with the wooden panel Panel, Nightfall in the ceiling.

XOY-27The staggering ceiling wall mural from the entrance of the nightclub X&Y in Borås, designed by Ann-Louise Håkansson at Hjärterum Design och Interiör was made following her ideas and directions.

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