Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Chinoiserie Wallpaper Murals – Luxuriously Opulent

Chinoiserie is a timeless and luxurious style, featured on various items, including wallpaper, pottery, textiles, and many other decorative pieces. First originating from the 17th century, Chinoiserie is an imitation of the numerous Chinese and East Asian artifacts observed during Europe’s flourishing trade with the Far East.

The artistic and exuberant patterns were so highly regarded that many European stylists imitated these beautiful and lavish patterns, paying homage and respect to these magnificent designs, thus forming this iconic style, chinoiserie.

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Chinoiserie Wallpaper Fit for Any King or Queen

Appearing in the palaces of many kings and queens, including France and England, Louis XV of France favored the chinoiserie style as it blended so well with the rococo styling at the time. Chinoiserie has been and is still popular to do this day in many interiors, including textiles, paintings, and pottery.

This also includes the famous and charming blue and white porcelain, that we all know so well. In our selection of chinoiserie wallpaper patterns, you’ll find handpainted pieces in delightful colors, such as cobalt blue, jade green, fuchsia, saffron, and powder beige.