Striped Wallpaper

Are you thinking about renovating at home? With our range of striped wallpapers, your room will be like new again! Striped wallpapers are always in trend and can never go out of style. When we think of wallpaper patterns a striped wallpaper is often the easiest and most popular choice, they can be incorporated into any room in your home and often matches many interior styles. We include free delivery with every order to offer a smooth and fast shopping experience.

Captivating Striped Wallpaper

With our striped wallpaper, it’s easy to change a room's mood. Our vast selection ranges from horizontal and vertical lines to stripes that are not perfectly straight. When choosing your striped wallpaper pattern, all you need to do is choose what type of color scheme you want to go for and the style.

If you want to give your room the illusion of looking bigger, then pick wider horizontal stripes. To give the illusion of a taller room for those rooms that have lower ceilings, use vertical stripes. We like to take our wall murals to a whole new level and experiment not only with our patterns but also with the structure. Rebel Walls “Sailor’s Sea” wallpaper, available in blue and pink, offers a stunning design that mimics the ocean, imagine the movements of a ship traveling over the ocean waves, back and forth.

Create a statement accent wall with any of our striped wallpapers or wallpaper on all four walls for an even bigger statement. And don’t forget about the ceiling. For more information about how to measure your walls, view our wallpaper measuring guide here.

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