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It is important to create a classroom environment for children that not only provokes fun and excitement but also creates an atmosphere where children feel welcome and wish to learn in their everyday classroom activities. Our classroom wallpapers range from many inspirational subjects, including world maps, science, sports, animals, letters, numbers, nature, and so many other fun and inspiring subjects. All our wallpapers are of premium quality and free of toxic materials and produce no VOCs, which make them perfect for a learning school environment.

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Redecorate Your Classroom with a Back to School Wallpaper

Are you planning to redecorate your classroom walls during the holidays and need back-to-school wallpaper? We have so many fun and exciting kids wallpapers for schools and no matter which classroom you are decorating, our selection of school wallpapers will help make your choice of school wallpaper so much easier. Perhaps you are decorating your art classroom and looking for an artsy wallpaper for a true young artist or a music wallpaper for an early opera singer.

Our education wallpapers include world map wallpapers, which are perfect for young geographers, or nature wallpaper for a young environmentalist. Our world map wallpapers include “Around the World”, “Wanderlust” and “School Atlas”, which are amongst the favorites for a school environment, allowing children to locate countries, cities or their favorite destinations. We also offer wallpaper samples, simply go to the wallpaper you are interested in and click on "Order sample".