Vintage Wallpaper Murals

Is a vintage wallpaper mural your cup of tea?

A vintage lover sees the beauty beyond what is frayed and worn. The beauty lies in the patina, which whispers stories of days long past. With a bit of love and paint, a display case and a crescent table can get a new life, which is worthy of a place in your home. Fine candlesticks on a tray coupled with meadow flowers in a vase and a beautiful book can form a lovely display to rest your eyes on. Vintage style has a soft design idiom where French romanticism meets rural rustics. The color scale goes from white, beige, gray and brown, with accents of light pastels.

Vintage homes yearn for the smell of autumn and wax candles, as well as spring lilies of the valley, and the sound of lace curtains fluttering in the wind. Our Rebel Walls Blooming wallpaper offers a stunning vintage flower design, with its cracked paint effect for an old fashioned look and large floral arrangements, combined, this makes the perfect wallpaper for any master bedroom.

Worn, torn and absolutely beautiful vintage wallpaper murals

Glamour, nostalgia, retro wallpapers, and vintage wallpaper murals, the love for old, yet beautiful things, can almost be called a sport. You may know where the best flea markets are and when to offer your highest bid at an auction or how to restore a chair that's broken.

To help you pave the way to your vintage dream, we've collected our best vintage wallpaper designs, helping you to create an extraordinary vintage styled home. Discover Rebel Walls vintage wallpapers, from vintage floral wallpapers, antique wallpaper designs to old fashioned wallpapers.