Curious Collection

Wall Murals for The Curious Explorer

The Curious wall mural collection pays homage to the explorer – the distant land discoverer, the urban sprawl uncoverer. It takes the simple and the organic to reveal the effect of the passage of time. What once was new and uniform, becomes unique, interesting and even odd; odd can be magnificent if you look close. Within the collection, you will find designs that honor objects and spaces with personality and history; embrace the inner explorer or even collector in yourself.

Beauty in Decay

By slowing down and taking a second look, the ordinary will reveal itself as extraordinary, and only the truly curious will see there is beauty to be found in decay. Each design in the collection takes a snapshot of the astonishing beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places, capturing it for eternity, before it further evolves into something else entirely. Be curious – and claim your space!

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