Flora Maxima Collection

Flamboyant wall murals for an adorned life

More flowers to the people! Let them fall from the sky or twirl around in surreal and ever-changing kaleidoscope-like patterns. Put a gold frame around what’s you with one of the wall murals from Flora Maxima. One source of inspiration to the soul and colors of the collection is the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Her exploratory, playful and cross-border approach to herself that can be seen in her many and various self-portraits is empowering.

Tell Your Maximalist Story

We want to broaden the concept of the artist from classical art forms to a more close to the skin, individual way of expressing your personality – like clothing and home decor. That’s a possible self-portrait – too. So turn up the volume and be the proud storyteller of your life with an equal share of humor and sincerity. The stage is yours – and the spot is entitled.