Eclectic Dash Collection

Capture time and style with a wall mural

Time is a tricky thing. Either we hurry and time seems to be running super fast, or we long for something or someone – and time moves painfully slow. In other words, time is real but hard to tame or capture. When it doesn’t come in a handy physical package that is, like the wall murals of our fourth trend collection, Eclectic Dash.

Pick the Goodies from Your Favorite Era

Eclectic means broad-ranging and style blending. To know what is out there, go for it regardless of trends, and dare to mix and match your favorites, even if the combinations are unconventional. It’s a fun and fearless way of decorating and, for those who dare to master the task, can gain a truly genuine and captivating room setting. This applies to both commercial and residential spaces – hotel lobbies and assembly rooms are in just as much need of creativity as a living room.

“Eclectic” was first used to describe the late 19th-century style mix of baroque, gothic, renaissance and art nouveau. All of these can be seen in Eclectic Dash in the shape of charming cherubs, winding crown moldings, bold stucco detailing and French panels. The present comes marching in, challenging and accentuating the classical aesthetics, with colorful abstract splashes, decayed fragmental surfaces, and Renaissance artistry, at a stage when time not only passes by but leaves traces. Eclectic Dash is a doubtless wallpaper collection that salutes the grand view of life.

A collection that knows and loves its history

We have put the spotlight on some of the most euphoric and bombastic style expressions in human history, with the exciting side effect that time suddenly is graspable, relatable and can be played with. Eclectic Dash is a refined wallpaper collection that knows and loves its history. Its designs are the perfect starting point for exquisite environments. Bold designs that claim their rightful space in the room and encourage you to do the same.