Oddity Collection

Traditional wallpapers as you've never seen them before

It's also the start of a new journey for us at Rebel Walls. This is our first-ever collection of wallpaper on rolls, rather than our bespoke murals. We wanted to give you as much choice as possible, with bold colors and quirky patterns you won’t find anywhere else – to make your home as unique as you are. But just because we have launched a traditional wallpaper range, with rolls rather than customized murals, doesn't mean we have gone boring. We continue to be daring and challenge the wallpaper industry. With this collection, you can dress your walls in your unique – or even odd – style and let your inner rebel shine through.

The Quality of Being Strange or Peculiar

Oddity is the quality of being strange or peculiar. Eccentric, yes, but in a modern maverick way. This timely collection, gathering inspiration from around the world, is about traveling within and embracing the world’s hidden gems inside your home. We think the Grand Tour can be just as exciting starting in your front room.

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