Reality Escape Collection

A wallpaper collection that lets you escape reality

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to escape reality for a bit and sink into your own fantasy world when things get complicated? Our trend collection Reality Escape has found inspiration in the gaming industry, sci-fi films and from the fabulous creations of nature. So, whether you need a break from your colleagues, some noisy people in a restaurant – or society itself, this wallpaper collection is just what you need. Let's escape reality for a while, shall we!

Let This Collection of Contrasts Give You a Break

Everyday life can be demanding. Ever had wallpaper creating a sudden urge to reach your hands up towards the ceiling? Or giving you a feeling that you're in an isolated, soundproofed room where no distractions can reach you? The trend collection Reality Escape brings you the contrasts of light, airy, and sheer organic elements from nature, fantasy themes with floating whales and diamonds in the sky, as well as darker motifs with sceneries from abandoned cities with an Armageddon feel. So whether you want to set a scene for a gaming room, a luxury niche hotel, a bar, or a kid’s room, this wallpaper collection won't let you down!