Spectrum Collection

A collection for colorful individuals

In the Spectrum Collection, color is the first thing that catches the eye, drawing attention to the location where you want the energy or the serenity to reside. If the pattern can give motion to a room, the color can give it a pulse. Spectrum collection captures a mood with the help of colors! The rainbow fascinates people of all ages. It foretells happiness, hope, and adventure. This chapter is for the colorful – for those who defy the rain and seek the rainbow. The Spectrum Collection gives you colorful world maps and stripes in every color of the rainbow.

Let's Celebrate All Colors of The Rainbow

The Spectrum Collection is a multi-colored wall mural collection for bright individuals. We wanted to create a graphical and colorful collection where there was something for everyone, even those who don't like wall murals. The color is the first thing that catches the eye – it can change a pattern from dutiful mouse gray to a colorful rebel. If a design can bring motion to a room, then color can give it a pulse. Our Spectrum collection is a rainbow of colors.

There are wall murals for every personality and of every color. When the color is shaved away, you can see the beautiful, sculptural shapes as objects in their own right. Here, those who appreciate the straightforward and simplistic can find geometric marble and graphic diamonds. When a color fades into another, calm and harmony are created. It reminds us of the sky, the clouds and how the light is reflected in the water.

In our Spectrum Collection, the nature lover and the adventurer will find their favorites among cloud-shrouded mountain chains and the skyscrapers of the city. With its graphic language and colorful pattern, Spectrum also perfectly complements our two previous collections; Frontage – the simplistic surfaces, and Greenhouse – the floral category.

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