Re:Create Collection

From yoga studios to the un headquarters

What do yoga studios, relaxation rooms, and the headquarters of the United Nations have in common? Perhaps responsiveness to human's basic need for stillness. An early and groundbreaking example of a space for reflection can be found at the UN headquarters in Manhattan, New York. When the Swede Dag Hammarskjöld took over as Secretary-General in 1953 for the intergovernmental and peacekeeping organization, he was met by his predecessor, with the words: "Welcome to the most impossible job in the world."

Access Your Inner World

We can get in touch with our inner world by creating the right conditions for it in our external world. The motifs in Trend Collection Re:Create, are intended as co-creators for the atmosphere you want to achieve. Rooms in which you wish to restore your power. When the norm says "Run!", the rebel responds with a “Stop!”. We predict that the 2020s will offer a healthy and exciting counter-reaction to the somewhat bizarre pace of the 2010s.

The most courageous response to the accelerating speed, stress, and pressure of today's society goes through the protected pause. Through self-reflection and recreation. The palette in collection Re:Create ranges from warm apricot to frosty blue-gray hues and the wall murals have been named after universal and desirable human needs, such as; “Harmony”, “Balance”, and “Silence”. In Re:Create, you'll find wall murals specially designed to encourage your kind of well-being.

This house must have one room dedicated to silence

Perhaps those words contributed to the fact that Hammarskjöld in 1957 initiated a religion-neutral, carefully decorated, meditation room. A place where employees were allowed to land and recharge their batteries. Outside the quiet room, there are activities all day, every day. When Hammarskjöld got asked questions about the need for the room, he replied: "This house must have one room dedicated to silence." Establish your own physical and mental free zone with wallpaper specially designed for the purpose and Claim Your Space!