Second Moment Collection

Your portal to a luxurious bygone era

Be a storytelling time traveler and use the wall murals of Second Moment as your portal to a bygone and more luxurious era. The mystery of these abandoned and beautiful spaces create worlds, tells stories and evokes conversations. Who wouldn’t want that? Pick a wall that lacks natural light and depth from doors and windows and turn it into an inspiring scenery that completely changes the character of your space. Match your trompe l’oeil 3D wall mural with its own time – the past, our time – the present or for maximized dynamics, introduce it to your interpretation of the future. Be dystopian or utopian in your vision, but let yourself feel as joyous and undaunted as the original architects did.

Add Depth to Your Room with A 3D Mural

Our Design Team took inspiration from modern and surreal Sci-Fi classics in their search for truly intense and imaginative scenes. The cinematic, dark, and poetic atmosphere of the abandoned and once glorious rooms in Second Moment cannot hide the fact that these spaces all used to be divas and are now longing to be rediscovered.

The trompe l’oeil wall murals in this trend collection each come with a matching wall mural, for the walls that don’t necessarily play the leading role but are as equally important to complete the impression. Choose between exquisite marble, solid brick walls or romantic interpretations of medallion wallpapers in the creation of your own worlds.