Deco Collection

Art deco stories for the 21 st century

Our walls tell stories from days of the past. Always have, always will. However, history does not repeat itself here. It has been revamped and modernized. Still with the same Art Deco feeling of luxurious elegance and architectural refinement but with new bold patterns, bright colors, soft and striking geometric shapes in different dimensions and uneven surfaces. Welcome to the wall murals of Deco.

An Indefinite Infinity

Soft lines, innumerable shapes and several dimensions give the impression of no ends and no beginnings. Like a dream within a dream with possibilities beyond imagination. Use the peaceful designs for a feature wall in the kitchen, make a bold statement and cover every wall in the living room, give some well-deserved attention to the modest bedroom ceiling or let the eye-catching designs be the welcoming invitation in the hallway.

Either way, pair it with something you love. Then watch the designs of the Deco collection slowly refine your interior. Be careful though, chances are it will leave your creative soul whisper, again. Do that again. And you’ll find yourself moving on to the next wall, in the next room, on the next floor. Luckily there are plenty of designs to choose from. More or less an indefinite infinity.

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